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Digital Publishing


It is recommended that you have a good grasp of the core DTP skills before attempting this course.

About Digital Publishing

This course will give you all the knowledge and skills to enable you to create digital publications for sharing and distributing electronically.

Subjects Covered:

Adobe InDesign Basics

Publish Online


PDF Publishing

Adobe Acrobat DC (for Digital Publishing)

Adobe Animate (for Digital Publishing)

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Duration of Course

Depending on the level of the learner/s, the full course usually takes about 8 hours to complete. The client can decide how these hours are covered; typically the course would be covered in 4 x 2hr sessions.

Sessions can be booked on dates and times that suit you - subject to availability.


Single learner (one-on-one tuition): R4 000.00 Total

Two to Five learners: R3 500.00 per learner

Six to Ten learners: R3 000.00 per learner.


Learners will receive an offical Adobe Certificate of Completion. Additionally, upon the successful completion of a post-course assignment, learners will receive a Certificate of Competency. These certificates are not qualifications, they are recognition that you have been trained by a certified instructor and achieved a certain level of competency or excellence.

How Courses Work

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